The main task of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra as the only educational and scientific institution of its kind in Slovakia is to provide university education in accordance with the Bologna strategy on the basis of scientific knowledge in the area of agriculture and related sciences. As the only agricultural university in Slovakia, SUA has an exclusive position within the Slovak universities and nation-wide field of activity. Its mission is to provide and ensure education, research and guidance so that the knowledge necessary for the development of agriculture and related industries and rural development in Slovakia is created, transferred into and interconnected with the international community. Together with the academic places of work SUA is part of public universities network in the Slovak Republic. At present, SUA has the right to award degrees in bachelor, master and doctoral degree programmes.

The university puts fundamental emphasis on the internationalization of education and research. Through involvement into international programmes LLP – Erasmus, CEEPUS and others, SUA currently has 136 bilateral agreements within the Erasmus programme and over 50 inter-university cooperation agreements worldwide. The amount of study stays and internships at partner institutions in many countries around the world as well as an ever increasing number of foreign students at the university creates an international dimension, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the university to potential applicants.

The Faculty of Economics and Management is consistently awarded by ARRA (Independent university rankings agency) as the top economic faculty in Slovakia. It offers a wide range of accredited study programs which cover key areas of economics and management and has an excellent reputation and is renowned for graduate employability in both the public and private sector, with unique study programs and cutting edge research with sound international background.

The SUA in Nitra has a long term experiences in research and education of subjects related to food, food quality, consumer behaviour, human nutrition and sustainable consumption and society. All subjects belong to the priorities in research and education.


All experts in the project team have experience in areas needed for the project:

Elena Horská is the Dean of FEM of SUA in Nitra and professor of Marketing and Management at the Department of Marketing and Trade. Her main research orientation includes consumer studies, food marketing and internationalization. She coordinated Strategic partnership project “Food Quality and Consumer Studies” as a part of which new textbooks and study materials where published by Wageningen Academic Publisher (Sensory marketing, Augmented reality, Neuromarketing for food retailers and Food trends). As a dean of the faculty she has managed the concept and implementation of the Laboratory of Consumer Studies into research and educational process at FEM.

Jakub Berčík is an Assistant Professor at the same department, the supervisor of the Laboratory of Consumer Studies at FEM SUA in Nitra, and the supervisor of the Laboratory of Neuroeconomy and Consumer Decision-Making at the AgroBioTech Research Centre of the SUA in Nitra. He is the main author of 2 applied patent applications: 1) The method of obtaining and/or processing neuromarketing data, a system for its implementation; and 2) An information device with simultaneous feedback retrieval, a way of presenting information. He teaches subjects such as Retailing and Merchandising, E-commerce and Marketing. He is a coordinator of an educational project and in the past he was an active partner of several projects. He has already published more than 60 scientific papers, one with 3,2 IF.

Johana Paluchová works as an Assistant Professor at the same department. She teaches the subjects: Services marketing, European consumer and consumer behavior, International marketing and Marketing. She has actively worked on more than 15 projects. Until now, she published more than 64 papers. Nowadays, she is a local coordinator of Erasmus+ educational project VTC and a co-partner on one educational project, on 2 research projects and on 2 grant project of SUA in Nitra. She is a professional in HORECA segment.

Miroslava Kačániová is working in international activities, ECTS coordinator of the FBFS SUA in Nitra, Europe and university teacher at Department of microbiology; Research: Microbiology, food microbiology, biotechnology; Current projects: 1 European Cooperation, CEEPUS, TEMPUS, 4 Slovak research and educational projects. Past projects: 22 total. 903 total publications including 91 in WEB of Science and Scopus, 19 scientific monographs, 6 books, 200 scientific works in journal without IF, 217 works from home and international conference, 6 scripts and others, 1183 total citations including 430 in SCOPUS/Web of Science.

Simona Kunová is working at SUA in Nitra, FBFS, Department of Food Hygiene and safety. She deals with the research of Food Hygiene and Sanitation, microbiological safety of food. Past projects: 5 research projects, 5 educational projects. Publications in home and foreign scientific journals and in Book of abstracts. Total: 228 publications, 25 in WEB of Science and Scopus, 2 scientific monographs, 1 book, 65 scientific works in journal without IF, 95 works from home and international conference, 4 scripts and others, 126 total citations including 72 in SCOPUS/Web of Science. Active participation in national and international conferences.

Marta Habánová is the Academic Fellow and Deputy Head of the Department of Human Nutrition. She teaches courses: Nutritional epidemiology and Food processing and catering. Since the year 2001 she deals with the issue of human nutrition and preventive action proper nutrition and lifestyle against of chronic non-infectious diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, oncological diseases, obesity, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, and other. She is the author respectively co-author more than 180 publications, co-author of three patents and textbooks.

Mária Borbélyová is an administrative employee at FEM of SUA in Nitra. She participated on the project financed by EU and its ESF named “Introducing, resp. extension of study programmes in cooperation with foreign universities”, ITMS code 26110230065, as well as on the project Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships projects “Food Quality and Consumer Studies (FOODCOST)”, no. 2014-1-SK01-KA203-000464 and “Sustainability of Small and Family Farms” (SOILS), no. 2016-1-SK01-KA203-022611.