On September 24, 2021, Prof. Rainer Haas from the University of Natural Resources and Lİfe Sciences in Vienna organized a workshop and networking event that themed food waste and sustainable food consumption in Austria.

The event was organized as a hybrid meeting and representatives of the academy, food companies, NGOs, media, and the public attended the meeting. The agenda includes:

Results of the expert interviews on food waste and the sustainability of food consumption in Austria

Keynote speeches by stakeholders on the subject of food waste and sustainability.

Presentation of the competence card and the index on sustainable consumption. How do Austrians rate their food consumption in terms of sustainability and waste?

Presentation of the student videos on food waste and sustainable food consumption

Discussion: How can one change consumption and eating behavior? Specialist contributions by the participants on measures to improve sustainability in your professional field of activity

Discussion: Discussion on future cooperation and further training measures for adults. How can we together improve awareness and behavior regarding food waste and sustainable food consumption?