The ME was planned as a hybrid in Stockholm. As only one participant registered to attend in person, the event was carried out online only.

The invitation (in this folder) yielded 19 registrations (list also in this folder). We invited people from our food and adult education networks in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe, and from relevant Swedish public agencies.

The event was attended by 6 people. Several of the registrants who did not attend have requested the recording and plan to stay updated with the project. A three hour online event including a presentation/discussion of:

The SCOFI index
The book, and its potential use in university curricula
The booklet
The community program drafted during the LTTA
The app
Related projects and materials
Questions of the participants and further questions of Legacy17

All participants wish to be kept informed when the materials are available. Among other outcomes:

  • One participant will contact an international agency about the possibility of building on SCOFI to produce European (EU) policy recommendations
  • One will draw the attention of UNEP to the materials, when they are available
  • One has invited participation in a ‘Baltic Sea Region’ sustainable food initiative, and will also invite MAPP to join
  • One will inform her client university (in Spain) about the book when published
  • One who had to cancel participation will nonetheless discuss how to introduce the IOs to the international Society for Organizational Learning and its ‘sustainable food’ work group.
    Another who was unable to participate has asked for a meeting to discuss possible use in university curriculum.