Legacy17 is a not for profit cooperative. It is registered in Stockholm, Sweden. The aim of Legacy17 is to support effective implementation of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals by promoting best-practice use of optimal methods and tools. Its primary target groups are leading-edge practitioners in the field of sustainable development. It is international and interdisciplinary, with a focus on behaviour change, education, leadership, and social marketing, and a common base in action learning and action research.

The cooperative is newly-formed as a legal entity, arising from a long-standing informal international network of leading-edge independent practitioners, consultants and educators with several decades of experience in work for transformative change.

Part of the legacy of Legacy17 is its core team in Stockholm, previously the core team of the secretariat of an international NGO, Global Action Plan International, with a strong – according to some researchers, unparalleled – track record in bringing about long-term sustainable behaviour change. This track record includes leading an Erasmus+-funded project to develop, test and evaluate self-study programs for Europeans wishing to adopt more sustainable eating habits: Food Action. The report and the materials (in 5 languages) are in the public domain, published on the Erasmus+ projects results site. Building on the action research approach, the core team has also long experience of meticulous monitoring and evaluation of project results and outcomes.

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Marilyn Mehlmann combines backgrounds in psychosynthesis, empowerment and action research to co-create and document new methods and tools for personal and professional development. A former industrial journalist and technical writer, she has authored and co-authored many articles, books, and book chapters.
She has worked world-wide to empower people and organizations to take action for sustainable development, and was awarded the Rachel Carson Prize 2011–2012 for “long-term efforts to involve individuals, companies and NGOs in acting sustainably”. She regularly speaks and lectures at events. She was General Secretary of Global Action Plan International 1995–2016, is a VP of the Union of International Associations (UIA) and a founder member of Legacy 17.

Alexander Mehlmann has a background in ICT and management, mainly at IBM and spent 25 years managing the Global Action Plan International secretariat. He is a founding member and acts as General Manager of Legacy17.

Depending on the specific tasks allocated to Legacy17 during detailed project planning, we will call upon others from our network to participate. We are also currently considering numerous applications from potential interns from Turkey, who would assist with liaison.