Universität für Bodenkultur Wien – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (www.boku.ac.at)
Founded in 1872, BOKU today comprises 15 departments, located on two sites in Vienna and one in Lower Austria, as well several external research and teaching facilities in Austria. The university is attended by approx. 13.000 students, provides study courses at bachelor, master and doctoral level, has approx. 1.500 staff members who are engaged in teaching and research, and a broad range of external lecturers.

The study courses are designed to follow BOKU´s main teaching and research disciplines — sustainable use of naturally growing raw materials both for energy and innovative materials, protecting vital resources such as water, soil and atmosphere, shaping true to life production and health, protecting and shaping biotopes and environments, protecting the wellbeing of plants, animals and humans. In addition to undergraduate studies, BOKU puts great emphasis on postgraduate studies and continuing education.
Research at a high level is both backbone and guideline for future development at BOKU. BOKU´s scientists are particularly active and successful in competitive project tenders (nationally as well as in European and international programs). Performing not only excellent basic research but moving along the innovation chain towards applied research also makes BOKU a strong partner for the industry.

The Institute of Marketing & Innovation is part of the Department of Economics and Social Sciences of BOKU and has a research emphasis on natural resources from a consumer perspective. Value chains of agricultural and food products as well as resource efficient markets (within a bioeconomy) are focal topics.

Exemplary research topics comprise the following: models and methods in consumer behavior research, new food product development and innovation management, quality management, organic foods, regional foods, market potentials of innovations, and decision support in food value chains.
The Institute of Marketing & Innovation publishes its research in national and international journals. It has a strong focus on bridging science and practice in the area of a consumer-oriented bioeconomy, especially in the field of sustainable food production and consumption.

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Rainer Haas has more than 20 years of experience in research, teaching and extension in the field of consumer behavior and agricultural and food value chain marketing. Rainer Haas is a graduate of the Institute of Agricultural Economics at the Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (www.boku.ac.at). Doctorate 1998 for his research about customer satisfaction with an online food shopping mall. He got several awards such as the Austrian Agricultural Marketing Award and the Austrian Agrana Research Award. Habilitation (venia docendi) in Marketing in 2004. He is reviewer for several journals such as Appetite, Journal of Applied Economics, British Food Journal, Die Bodenkultur and the Austrian Society of Agricultural Economics. Since 2007 he is member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the International European Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation.