The fifth and the last TPM of the Project was held in Izmir on November 18-19, 2021. Dokuz Eylül University hosted the meeting and all partners, except MSKU, joined via online connection. After the welcome speech and explanations on meeting schedule, general topics such as the quality of outputs completed, effectiveness of TPMs and the multiplier events were discussed. There were some questions related to the budgetary allocations for organization of multiplier events from the partners. These questions were also answered during the meeting. The proposed format and inclusion of final report was considered; then, the tasks are segregated to all partners. In the first session of meeting, DEU explained in more detail the use of MySUSCOF application practically. By doing this, modules in the application were discussed and opinions about the dissemination of the app in the public were collected from each partner. The relationship between the effectiveness of TPMs and the success of the relevant outputs was discussed. Afterwards, the multiplier events are considered and the partners presented their suggestions on how to disseminate the project results more effectively and serve the app to public use. The second day of TPM started with talking about the partners’ past project management activities and how they were financed. Each partner was asked about their opinions on the success of project and any suggestions, if they had, on how it’d be managed better. Besides dissemination of results, other important issues were sustainability of application and the ways to follow-up the results. Partners worked mostly on final report of the project and some decision were made about how partners would report activities that they were responsible. After many discussions, draft papers and files in Google Drive were created for final report. Additionally, before the closing ceremony, suggestions on potential issues to consider in the upcoming projects were shared by partners and talked on any possible cooperation in the future projects.