Adult education towards sustainable consumption must be the priority goal nowadays. If the sustainable behavior of adults improves, so will their children. The common findings of our international research prove the necessity of adult education in sustainable food consumption.
In this study, the new index called SCOFI (Sustainable Consumption of Food Index) is implemented to adults living in Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, and Turkey in order to measure their behavior on sustainable food consumption. This report presents the analysis of the multinational research based on the 1316 consumer data from five different countries. The SCOFI consists of three dimensions as a sustainable lifestyle, food consumption and food waste, and ecological consumption. All scores by dimensions and countries are provided via
The subsequent stage of the project’s Output 3 has been the calculation of SCOFI from the source of collected survey data, based on the proposed methodology in project’s Output 2. The collected data has been analyzed in detail and the results are reported in the following chapters.